Monday, October 24, 2011

Daddy Spanked My Little Ass Good!

I was a bad little girl and daddy had to punish me.

He made my slide my little girl panties down to my ankles, then lay me right across his lap.
Then daddy raised my skirt high, exposing my bare little girl ass.

He spanked me really hard with his bare hand. I cried and squirmed around on his lap, begging daddy to stop, telling him it was hurting me!

The more I screamed and squirmed, the harder daddy's big thing was getting and pressing against my tummy.

I think daddy felt badly about it afterwards, because he laid me face-down on my bed with my face buried in the pillows. He said he was going to kiss my little red butt and make it all better.

I felt daddy's mouth kissing and licking my little ass-checks first and then my little bald pussy. Then I felt daddy's thing sliding back and forth, right between my little red ass checks!

Pretty soon, daddy had covered my little butt with nice, warm cream and then he told me to pull up my panties and go play.

I can't wait to get in trouble again so daddy will spank and play with my ass some more!

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